Data-intensive development site


  • CGI-driven
  • Database back-end

Web Where When is designed to remind you where you wanted to look on the web, and how often you wanted to look there. You might want to know the weather each day, while you only want to be reminded of summer vacations once or twice a year. (Change the summer vacation reminders to higher frequency in the winter;-)

If you have hundreds of sites you visit on a daily / weekly / monthly / yearly cycle, then this app helps bring the sites which have become more time-important to the top.  You can always get to the full list, but presenting only the top-10 helps you focus.

This app is supported by ads served up by Google AdSense. Since AdSense sees a slice of the page, the ads become somewhat relevant to the user over time.

go to site: WebWhereWhen.com

StoneCity Masonry Business Card Site

StoneCity Masonry

  • Simple business card site
  • Static HTML

This format is very inexpensive. It is also valuable as a method to replace or augment Yellow Pages advertising, at a small fraction of the cost.

StoneCity Masonry is a small local business that wanted a web presence without spending much money. Mike, the StoneCity Masonry owner, is very non-technical (no computer) and wanted us to do everything.

Do a Google Search on “renovation masonry ottawa”.¬†StoneCity Masonry is the top result as I update this page.

go to site: StoneCityMasonry.ca

Pine Alley Business Card Site

Pine Alley

  • Simple business card site
  • Capability to include client portfolio

This site begins as a simple business card stie, but brings the opportunity to include work portfolio (photos). Very inexpensive for our client, while allowing potential customers to find the business with simple searches.

go to site: PineAlley.ca


Nick Stringfellow.com

  • Dynamic site (built using WordPress)
  • Customer provides content and updates
  • Concert gig listings
  • Product listings for sale

“Cellist at Large” seemed like such a natural tag line for us to experiment with since Nick is involved in several different groups. The site reflects his own artistic tastes.

The site provides concert listings (taking some time off with his new child right, so do not be alarmed if the listings are thin), reviews, and the opportunity to purchase some recordings directly.

go to site: NickStringfellow.com

Small Business Site, with specific imaging.

Weefolk Playhouse

  • Static HTML site
  • Provides relevant information for targeted searches

The Weefolk Playhouse site reflects the cheerful nature of the daycare, the owners, and their young clientele.

There is a lot of content to be offered. The site remains simple to navigate and simple to read.

go to site: WeefolkPlayhouse.com